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Life Coaching for a Lifetime...Helping those through the seasons of change so they can realize all that life has to offer....

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Embarking on the path to a life full of VISION and HOPE is much easier than you think.....

Taking the ReDok' Revolution Challenge, means saying "YES" to your

self-worth and ability to create the life you always knew you deserved. Regardless of past or present circumstances, your future can be more amazing than you EVER imagined!  

Life Begins where your Comfort Zone Ends....

Let me teach you how.....

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A professionally trained life coach acts as a motivator, an educator and an accountability partner to support individuals in making lasting lifestyle changes that improve their physical and mental well-being. 

The ReDok' Revolution Challenge!

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There are several creative outlets for individuals, as well as groups, to work  through Transitional Growth: 

Workshops, Lectures and​ Coaching